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The Wines

Our estate vineyard was planted in 1999 with Clone 8 Cabernet Sauvignon on freedom rootstock. Our soil is sandy loam for thirty feet down which gives the vineyard great drainage so we can adjust the amount of water to the vines. We thin the canes in the spring to only grow two canes per spur with an average of 4 tons per acre at harvest.

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The Vineyard

Once fall is complete, the grapes picked and the leaves have fallen winter sets in.  From roughly November until the following Spring the vines enter their dormancy.  The vines are starting to come to life this Spring after a very long cold and WET winter.  We have pruned the vines and will thin the shoots soon to limit the vineyard production so we get the high quality fruit that we need to produce our delicious Cabernet.  We also till the winter growth into the soil during early Spring to naturally supliment the soil with organic material and nutrients.  These practices ensure that we can continue to produce the delicious Cabernet that YOU count on.

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Featured Wines

Italy's most planted grape, often synonymous with 'fine wine' in Tuscany, Sangiovese eagerly embraces theMediterranean-like climate of the Mokelumne River sub-AVA of Lodi. Hot sunny days ending with cool breezy evenings, combined with a long and dry growing season, fashion these slow to late ripeners to thrive with exuberance. With Sangiovese's relatively thin skin, this wine is lighter in color, yet saturated with rich, fruitdriven flavor, accentuated by its well-balanced structure.

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A grape of Italian origin, Barbera is best known for its high levels of natural acidity coupled with a propensity to ripen relatively late. These innate varietal characteristics sing in perfect harmony with Lodi's long hot summers by allowing the grapes ample time on the vine. When fully ripened, sugar levels exceed the acids resulting in a perfectly well-balanced wine, eagerly enticing the palate for another sip.

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One of the world's most renowned varietals originating from the wine powerhouse of Bourdeaux, France, Cabernet Sauvignon is highly regarded as one of California's most important wine grapes. As the pride of our Estate, which is nestled in the rich sandy-loam soils of the Mokelumne River sub-AVA, our 5 acres of Cabernet flourish beautifully in the hot days and cool nights of Lodi, allowing these small, thick-skinned, and distinctively blue-colored grapes to ripen gradually, thus creating a wine with remarkable fruit flavor and soft tannins.

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