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d'Art Wines

We are open for tasting, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

and bottle service daily, with a few guidelines

  • Advanced reservations are required... Call 209-334-9946 
  • Groups must be 4 people or less
  • Only patio seating available for now
  • Discounted pricing for Club Memebers
  • Please allow 45 minutes for tasting and 1 hr 45 minutes for table service
  • At this time we are 21 years and older only

Bottle Service

The Wines

Our estate vineyard was planted in 1999 with Clone 8 Cabernet Sauvignon on freedom rootstock. Our soil is sandy loam for thirty feet down which gives the vineyard great drainage so we can adjust the amount of water to the vines. We thin the canes in the spring to only grow two canes per spur with an average of 4 tons per acre at harvest.

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The Vineyard

The vineyard is going through bud break, that means spring is here. We just got down with prunning in the nick of time. We have mowed the weeds and chopped up the old canes, the next step will be to disc all the weeds under.

We're hoping the stay at home order will pass, and the vines hold out till the first of May. If those happen we can host our adopt a row and get everybody a lovely walk in the vineyard.

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About Us

What does a Spanish dancer have to do with a winery that has a French name? Absolutely nothing and everything. It was one of the first artworks Dave did about the same time he and Helen started making wine at home.

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Featured Wines

If any single wine were known by texture alone, Merlot could easily be synonymous with the word ‘smooth.’ Famed for its distinctively silky tannins coupled with remarkable richness of dark fruit flavor, Merlot’s roots as a classic Bordeaux grape have expanded across the globe making it one of the world’s most planted red wine vines. These lusciously plump, thinner-skinned berries ripen effortlessly in the warm days and cool nights of Lodi, thus creating a wine that perfectly embodies the beautiful character of this varietal.

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One of the world's most renowned varietals originating from the wine powerhouse of Bourdeaux, France, Cabernet Sauvignon is highly regarded as one of California's most important wine grapes. As the pride of our Estate, which is nestled in the rich sandy-loam soils of the Mokelumne River sub-AVA, our 5 acres of Cabernet flourish beautifully in the hot days and cool nights of Lodi, allowing these small, thick-skinned, and distinctively blue-colored grapes to ripen gradually, thus creating a wine with remarkable fruit flavor and soft tannins.

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This Bordeaux varietal is known for it's full body, high acidity, and dark fruit flavors. Our 2017 Malbec has medium tannins, rich black cherry followed by slightly spicy oak flavors, and an easy finish, making it a great wine to pair with food or drink on its own.

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