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d'Art Wines

Angela Raymond
September 1, 2019 | Angela Raymond


Many wine lovers have visited a tasting room or two in their day. Enjoying the best of the reds, whites, and blends each winery has to offer and even taking a bottle or two home to indulge in on a later day. But what goes into creating that cherished nectar which evokes the nostalgia from its purchase date? What does it truly mean to be a handcrafted wine? Let’s visit a few key components in the handcrafted wine process to begin learning what it really means to be a handcrafted wine.

Family owned and operated

Handcrafted wines are owned and operated by passionate individuals who make it a family affair. Everyone is involved from the maintenance of the vineyard, making the wine, harvesting the grapes, working the tasting-room, and every last business aspect behind closed doors. Though the wineries may hire staff to assist them with their business, these families are dedicated to producing the highest quality of wine through a hands-on approach, and their earnest efforts are showcased in every bottle.

The vineyard is meticulously cared for

From the soil to water allotment, hand harvesting, and walking the grounds to ensure the vines and fruit are thriving, the land of which the grapes are grown is one giant machine. Winery owners and winemakers know this and in knowing so, make every attempt to keep their machine as well-oiled as possible.

Winemakers are always experimenting

Winemakers are scientists, and they are nowhere short of brilliant. Their efforts to achieve perfection in a bottle requires constant experimentation. Be it the barrels they select, the location the tanks are stored, how much water the vines are given, or hitting the lab to “play” with the product to achieve a perfectly balanced wine bursting with flavor. All of these examples and more go into the science behind creating the wines we love.

The product is a testament of the region from which it hails

In every glass, the wine lover should be able to experience the area. Everything from the soil the grapes were grown, the love and care the fruit and wine were given through each step of the process. With handcrafted wines, the wine itself is a direct reflection of climate, location, devotion, passion, and care, and with that, it reveals more and more of its story with every sip.


d’Art Wines and other Lodi Winemakers make it a little different

The Stockton-Lodi wine region and its respective winemakers scattered throughout the area are geniuses at play. They’ve been taking wine one might find great and making it greater for as long as we can remember. Be it red blends or white blends, zinfandel, barbera, viognier, the wineries and their resident makers are creating extraordinary, flavorful wine with exceptional mouth feel. Our scientists at large in the Stockton-Lodi wine region put in countless hours of experimentation, research, and tending to the grapes out in the field to provide better than quality hand-crafted wines for their consumers. Their efforts are our cherished indulgences, so the next time you’re visiting and spot the winemaker, show give them some love and much deserved kudos!

Want to know more about our handcrafted wines and family operated winery? Visit our tasting room for the d’Art Wines experience!


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